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Zipitz The Business Mail Store

Zipitz, The Business Mail Store is the first retail operation of its kind -- designed to make business mailings easy. Zipitz is dedicated to the mailing needs of small businesses, realtors, restaurants, retailers and SOHO. Zipitz provides mailing lists of potential customers within a specified radius around a business, targeted demographics for income or household size, or specific business type. We provide:

  • First & Standard Class postage discounts
  • Folding, Inserting, Tabbing
  • Ink jet addressing, color and black & white
  • Mailing lists: both consumer & business
  • Advice to get the most of a mailing
  • Personalized laser letters, color and black & white

Just like you are a professional in your field, Zipitz is a professional mailing company. We leave the printing and design to professionals in those fields. Zipitz works with many area designers and printers and can provide a resource list if needed. Our staff can work with you or your designer/printer to maximize the message area and still qualify for postage discounts or to efficiently use the mail to communicate with your customers or prospective customers.

What we offer are mailing lists (to complement your own or to reach out to new customers) and the services to process your mailing to achieve postage discounts so you can pay less than full, single piece First Class rate. We accomplish that for you by standardizing and sorting addresses to USPS specifications, preparing automation-compatible* mail appropriately and then preparing it for submission to the USPS Business Mail Entry Unit. 

*Proper space must be allowed on each piece for us to print delivery point barcodes to take advantage of automation discount postal rates.

Zipitz offers quick turnaround times for mailings, and accepts credit and debit cards for payment. is open 24/7, and our Clearwater location is open 9-5 weekdays.

If you are authorized by the USPS to mail at non-profit rates, please provide a copy of the form that provides that approval for our files and the mailing Post Office where your non-profit status is located.

Are you a new mailer? In this site you can find mailing terminology, learn how mail should be prepared to qualify for postal rate discounts, and obtain more information that will help you decide what kind of business mail might work best for you. For example, in our Education area, discover the difference btween a post card, a letter-size post card and a letter. Visit our FAQ's section for basic information. Or contact one of our stores for answers to your specific questions.

Let Zipitz take care of your business mail while you take care of your business.

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